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Spirit of the Woods Tattoo

Case Study

The Grande Brand Package 

Brand Discovery | Brand Strategy | Brand Design

Amelia Berry Design had the pleasure of teaming up with Sammi Edney from Spirit of the Woods Tattoo—a tattoo studio nestled in the scenic Dandenong Ranges. Together, we delved into a comprehensive brand discovery, followed by a strategic planning phase and an impactful brand design process. The outcome? A unified and genuine brand identity that flawlessly encapsulates the spirit of Spirit of the Woods Tattoo.

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Spirit of the Woods Tattoo: Featured Work

The Process


Amelia Berry Design began the branding project with a brand clarity session which uncovered the foundations of the brand, then conducted in-depth research into Spirit of the Woods Tattoo's target audience, competitors, and current industry trends. 


Armed with this information, Amelia produced a mood board. Once approved a range of initial brand concepts were presented that varied from simple to complex, each featuring the elements requested by the studio. They then presented these to Spirit of the Woods Tattoo for feedback, resulting in two distinct options.


One direction was an intricate design with multiple layers and textures, which incorporated an art deco angle into the sun element. The other option was a more minimalist and geometric design, featuring a stylized sun with subtle earthy textures.


After much consideration, the studio chose the simpler design as they felt it better reflected their vision and target audience. The design featured a symbolic sun, with a colour palette of dark green, sage, rust, seashell, and smoky black. The sun element was also modified to incorporate an art deco angle and paired with a complementary font for the studio's name.

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The Results

The new brand identity for Spirit of the Woods Tattoo is ready to be integrated into all of the studio's marketing materials, including business cards, signage, and social media accounts. The studio's client base responded positively to the rebrand, with many praising the calming and earthy vibe of the design.

The studio's owner reported an increase in inquiries and bookings after the implementation of the new branding. Moreover, the rebrand allowed Spirit of the Woods Tattoo to appeal to a wider audience of clients, who appreciated the studio's one-of-a-kind approach to tattoo art.

Through a thorough and creative research and design process, the branding project for Spirit of the Woods Tattoo successfully crafted a unified visual identity that embodied the studio's values and target audience. The new branding played an instrumental role in attracting new clients, increasing bookings, and resonating with the existing clientele.

Spirit of the Woods Tattoo: Welcome
Spirit of the Woods Tattoo: Testimonials
Sammi Edney.jpg

Amelia is very patient and articulate when it comes to explaining things and is thorough in making sure everyone is on the same page throughout her entire process. Her enthusiasm for her business is brilliant to witness and inspiring to be a part of. I'm excited to have worked with her on my branding and to have begun a working relationship I see continuing well into the future. Thank you Amelia!

Sammi Edney, Founder

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