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Strawberry Solutions

Case Study

Advertising |  Marketing Collateral | Conference Signage

Strawberry Solutions, a leading provider of eLearning design and development services, was looking to promote their micro-learning services at an upcoming conference. They engaged a marketing agency to create a suite of marketing materials, including advertising, marketing collateral, and conference signage, that would showcase their services and benefits.

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Amelia Berry Design worked closely with the Strawberry Solutions team to understand their needs and preferences for the design. They identified the need to create a layout that could hero multiple services and benefits while being visually appealing and easy to understand. The agency proposed a clean design with pops of bright colors to attract people to the collateral.

The marketing collateral included brochures, flyers, and other materials that were distributed to attendees at the conference. Each piece highlighted the unique benefits of Strawberry Solutions' micro-learning services and eLearning design and development expertise. The design was modern and fresh, featuring a combination of bright colors and professional imagery that aligned with the brand's style.

To complement the marketing collateral, the agency also created a series of digital ads that were displayed on social media platforms, as well as online and print publications. These ads used a similar design to the marketing collateral and were targeted to the conference attendees and other relevant audiences.

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Finally, the conference signage was designed to make a strong impression and draw attention to Strawberry Solutions' booth. The signage featured bright colors and bold imagery, making it easy to spot from a distance. The layout was simple and easy to understand, highlighting key messages about the brand and their services.

Thanks to Amelia Berry Design's expertise in advertising, marketing collateral, and conference signage, Strawberry Solutions' micro-learning services and eLearning design and development expertise were showcased in a professional and visually appealing way. The collateral, ads, and signage were a great success, generating significant interest and inquiries from conference attendees and others. Strawberry Solutions was pleased with the results, and the agency was happy to have contributed to their success.

Strawberry Solutions: Welcome
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We engaged Amelia for graphic design support for a conference. Amelia did an amazing job creating beautiful marketing and promotional material and an outstanding booth design. The collateral was on brand, balanced, cohesive, and professional.

Lemma Khalek, Head of Growth

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