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Setting Goals for 2022

Updated: May 30, 2022

2021 was the year I gained the courage to follow my dream to run my own design studio. Using my 9+ years of design and business experience, I launched making the evolution from “Graphic Designer and Marketer” to fully embracing the CEO role in my business.

Thanks to the overwhelming response from my clients, community, and professional network, I gained more space and support to focus on my business and think like a boss.

2022 will be about finding stability. How do I make Amelia Berry Design an amazing place to work, provide the greatest experience for my clients AND keep fine-tuning my creative work as a designer?

Business Goals for 2022

  • Adopt healthy business habits

  • Expand my network

  • Commit to creating original and consistent content

  • Develop my design process and communications

  • Invest in a business mentor (Any suggestions?)

  • Be more authentic and vulnerable

  • Refine my niche and ideal customer persona

  • Create free client resources

  • Give back to the community

Creative Goals for 2022

  • Explore bright and bold design

  • Create a more modern, classic styled social media feed

  • Develop and refine my business branding

  • Exhibit my proudest work

  • Expand my illustration styles and experiment with different mediums

I’m ready and rearing to go for an exciting year ahead!

Amelia Berry, Amelia Berry Design + Illustration


How about you?

Can you relate to any of the goals listed above? What goals are you are setting for 2022? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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