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Brand Identity Design Process - More than 'just a logo design'.

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Using a premium design service is considered a ‘luxury’ by most, and I don’t take that responsibility lightly. I offer my clients a high-level experience, that in turn produces high-level results.

My signature service is Brand Identity. Simply put, I create visuals (all the things you have ever needed graphics for; logo, stationery, signage, marketing material etc.)

Branding Package

My branding package includes a brand strategy checklist which takes place before I start on any of the creative work. It is essential to crafting a successful brand identity. This process has taken years to fully develop, but I am happy to say that it works for myself AND my clients.

During the brand strategy checklist we:

  • Discuss your brand/rebrand clarity workbook answers

  • Design an effective brand strategy that attracts your dream clients.


I have refined my brand identity design process over several years to fit into a 4–6-week timeline.

This timeline allows me to work with one client at a time and really focus on their project, rather than working on multiple re-brands at once.

Your job as a client and business owner

I work collaboratively with my clients, which requires communication from both ends. I check in multiple times along the way to ask for feedback. By effectively collaborating, we will produce a brand you understand, and a result you are truly proud of.

Successful application

Designers often hand over logo files to their clients without any resources or education on HOW to best use their files. It’s easy for non-designers to make little mistakes that can have harmful effects on how your target audience perceives your brand. At the end of my branding process, I provide you with an option to create a beautiful brand style guide that educates you and your team and keeps anything you create in the future ‘on-brand’.

Brand Identity Process

1. Discovery

After you fill out my contact form, I’ll be in touch with you to book your FREE discovery call. We will meet for coffee (virtually or in-person), so I can learn more about your business and run through any questions you may have.

After we meet, I will send you a proposal and contract. A deposit payment is required to save a spot in my calendar (as I only work with one branding client at a time).

I am currently booking clients up to two months in advance. This will allow us to complete the Brand Strategy Checklist work as outlined below.

2. Brand Strategy Checklist

Prior to your project start date

You’ll receive an email from me with the following:

  • Brand/Rebrand Clarity Workbook

  • Brand Strategy consultation time options

1 week prior to your project start date

  • We will hold our first Brand Strategy consultation to review the Brand/Rebrand Clarity Workbook together.

  • I’ll create and send over a project timeline that outlines all deadlines and deliverables.

3. Define Brand Strategy

(Timeline: 2-3 days)

Based on the answers provided in the Brand/Rebrand Clarity Workbook, I will curate a mood board, colour scheme, and font selection for your brand and send it through for approval.

4. Logo design

(Timeline: 2-3 weeks)

Goals: Brainstorm ideas, design logo, present visuals, develop variations

Concept Design Once you are happy with your, strategy, mood board, colour scheme, and font selection, it is time to start sketching! It is the perfect time for me ‘brain dump’ my ideas before I start working with them digitally.

Design Development After I have finished the concept sketches, I will pick my three best ideas and start recreating them on Adobe Illustrator to ensure that high-quality results are achieved.

Client Presentation It’s time to present the designs to the client. From here, I ask my client to choose their preferred concept and give them the opportunity to provide any feedback or requested tweaks to the designs. All packages include three rounds of revisions.

Logo Variations Once any necessary revisions have been completed, I will develop a suite of logo variations. I typically include a stacked & horizontal version as well as a sub mark/icon in order to accommodate any sizing or layout restrictions they may run into down the road.

5. Professional Set-Up and Delivery

(Timeline: 1-2 days)

When the logo has been finalised, it’s time to save the logo files. Each logo is carefully set up and saved in two separate folders, one for print and one for the web.

Web versions

Saved as .png files (no background) and .jpg (image files with a white background)

Print versions

Saved as . PDF's, and .eps files (both can be opened in Adobe Illustrator)

6. Develop a beautiful brand Style Guide

(Timeline: 1-2 weeks)

Once my client’s branding is approved, I will develop a one-page style sheet. This document groups together all the elements that make up a brand's visual identity, such as the logo, colour palette, and typefaces. The option for a more comprehensive in-depth style guide is offered which includes implementation instructions for exactly how these assets should be used in different settings. It’s a sharable guide that will make as much sense to the sales team as it does to the design team.

Using this document throughout your business will rule out any inconsistency in your brand's visual communication when referenced by multiple users.

7. Time to pop the bubbly and celebrate your new look!

As you can see there is a lot more to my branding process than ‘just a logo design’, my process is designed to deliver the whole experience.

8. Ongoing Support

Amelia Berry Design is passionate about building long-lasting relationships with clients, if you have any questions or require any extra support along the way, don't hesitate to get in touch!


Time for your business to rebrand? Let’s talk!

Click below to schedule a FREE discovery call, so we can chat about your business, goals, and how I can best serve you.

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