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Hi, i'm Amelia!

I founded Amelia Berry Design over a decade ago with the goal of creating clean and consistent brand identities. Since then, my experience in graphic design has enabled me to create vivid custom artwork solutions for clients all over the world. Whether it's creating a brand identity, marketing collateral, or a website, I strive to make each and every project unique, memorable, and above all, effective.

My goal is to help you create a powerful and lasting visual identity for your business. I will uncover your unique brand personality and tell your story cohesively, through compelling design assets that capture the attention of your audience. By doing so, you can be sure that your brand will be seen as an icon in your industry.

If you understand the potential of unique, high-quality design and are ready to make an investment in your brand. I’d love to hear from you.

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Core Values


Creativity is part of my DNA. I recognize that it’s a value that exists in many forms.

It is a core value that goes hand in hand with the passion that truly defines Amelia Berry Design + Illustration.


I am committed to upholding high standards and producing quality work that adds value to your business.


I thrive in a cultural climate in which respect, equality, and positive recognition of differences are all cultivated.

I take the time to create connections between people and share knowledge, skills, and stories.


Five star reviews!

Here is what my clients have to say...

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Dawn Mahler–For The Record

Amelia is such a collaborative, creative partner! Also, fun to work with, bringing positive energy and a can-do attitude to every project and meeting. I worked closely with her on brand guidelines after a company rebrand and she did a fantastic job helping us create consistency, not only in marketing, but across the organisation. Her work is detailed, well thought-through in application, of a very high quality, and very quick - always delivering above expectations.

Spotify Playlist

StudioFlow | Amelia Berry Design

Feel free to take a sneak peek into what I am listening to at the studio today!

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