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HI THERE! It’s great to see you here at Amelia Berry Design.

As the chief design enthusiast, a fervent admirer of art, and the driving force
behind Amelia Berry Design, I work alongside passionate entrepreneurs and marketing teams who are seeking captivating designs that will get them noticed by their dream clients.

Because I know that as the owner of your business, you understand the significance of building genuine and memorable relationships with your audience. It serves as the foundation of your connection with them and is the secret to converting strangers into loyal customers who adore your every move.

This is where I come in!

If you understand the potential of unique, high-quality design and are ready to make an investment in your brand. I’d love to hear from you.

Until then, please make yourself at home.


What Amelia bring's to
the DESIGN floor


Bachelor of Creative Arts
(Graphic Design)


About your resident designer, Amelia.


Your business’s visual style truly matters to me.

Your success is my priority. That’s why I’ll always provide honest
feedback if I believe your ideas or feedback don’t align with your brief, or could potentially jeopardize your project’s success.


I’m super organised and love to collaborate.

I’m a big fan of collaboration and order, and it shows in everything I do. I take pride in staying organised and on schedule, and I’ll expect the same from you to ensure our project runs smoothly. To help us work together seamlessly, I’ll introduce you to ASANA, our project management tool that will keep us on track and in sync every step of the way.


My world revolves
around creativity.

I’m a dedicated designer who loves nothing more than bringing creativity to the world. However, even the most creative minds need a break from time to time. If I’m feeling like my creativity is running low, I’ll take a step back and recharge my batteries so that I can come back stronger than ever and bring your vision to life.


I love to celebrate success.

I find immense joy in celebrating successes, both big and small. So, when your design is finalised and you’re thrilled with the results, you can count on me to do a little happy dance
(or two!) in celebration of our collaboration and achievement.

ABOUT AMELIA: Infographics

What they’re SAYING

Take a look and see what others are saying about their creative adventures with me.

ABOUT AMELIA: Testimonials

Dawn Mahler–For The Record

Amelia is such a collaborative, creative partner! Also, fun to work with, bringing positive energy and a can-do attitude to every project and meeting. I worked closely with her on brand guidelines after a company rebrand and she did a fantastic job helping us create consistency, not only in marketing, but across the organisation. Her work is detailed, well thought-through in application, of a very high quality, and very quick - always delivering above expectations.

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Spotify Playlist

StudioFlow | Amelia Berry Design

Feel free to take a sneak peek into what I am listening to at the studio today!

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